'Conan' Producer Improvises Incredible 6-Minute Speech On 'Star Wars'

Andy McDonald

After 30 years, “Star Wars” continues to inspire a strong devotion in its fan base. We’ve seen epic “Star Wars” rants before, like the legendary, cut-for-time appearance Patton Oswalt made on “Parks and Rec.”

But in this “Conan” “Scraps” clip (bits that don’t make it to air), producer Jordan Schlansky improvises a six-minute explanation of why “Star Wars” is so wonderful, and ultimately better than “Star Trek.” It’s amazing. 

As Schlansky finishes his speech, Conan and the crew can do nothing but applaud, to which Conan adds, “You’re fired. Get the f**k out.”

For the record, we’re not taking sides. Don’t kill the messenger.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.