'It Continually Surprises Me': Meet The People Of Kansas City

Jenna Amatulli
'It Continually Surprises Me': Meet The People Of Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri, was the 16th stop on our Listen To America road trip. Between eating all the barbecue we could and weaving through fountains, we dropped by Union Station for the day to hear what the locals had to say:

“It continually surprises me. ... I get the feeling that the city is really trying to make itself something great and there’s something really beautiful about that greatness.” 

― Ashley Tebbe, 29, art director

“I love it because it’s got a little bit of everything. It gives me the opportunity to go to concerts, sporting events, and just general different things.”

― John Deterding, 28, entrepreneur

“I work at 39th and Main at Kansas City Center for Inclusion. We’re an LGBTQIA community center.”

― Samantha Ruggles, 59, advocacy

“My parents came in World War II for the war effort at Junction City, Kansas, in Fort Riley. They came from New York City. ... Kansas City is a great place to live.”

― Susan Lawrence, 77, art dealer/retired

 “This is home for my daughter. ... She’s had to go through a lot of racial inequality here, but she’s a survivor. She’s had different disabilities throughout her life, but I always told her, ‘They’re not disabilities. You just have to do things different.’”

― Louise Lynch, 56, medical advocate and caretaker

“We come together really well to help each other out in times of need.”

― Sue Sanders, 52, information technology

 “I grew up here. ... I think the people are really friendly. We do have that Midwest feel.”

― Tiffany Hamlett, 29, communications manager

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