'Free' chicken wings for villagers in Bukit Aup


SIBU: Residents around Bukit Aup were shocked to discover a large amount of frozen chicken wings buried on an empty plot of land near here. The unusual sight has attracted dozens of villagers to the scene.

“Everyone came and started digging (excitedly) for the chicken wings. Some were still packed nicely in plastic bags.

“It’s like a chicken wing carnival with everyone digging for wings” said a villager, who refused to be named.

It was learnt that at least five to six containers chicken wings had been buried here, at least a few feet deep.

“I had collected about a sack full of chicken wings. Most are still in good condition and should be safe (to be eaten),” he said when met at the site here.

The villager, however, did not know how the wings came to be buried here or who discovered it first.

“We are not sure who and why these wings have buried. It’s a big waste (since the wings are still edible),” he added.

A check by Berita Harian showed that the area was still packed with villagers living nearby, searching for more hidden wings.

According to a source, the supply came from Peninsular Malaysia and the stock had been seized by the authorities from Rajang Port Authority last week.

This was because the owner had failed to pay the relevant taxes.

In disposing the chicken wings, the authorities had taken to burying the wings at the site here.