S'gor Umno Youth wants comedian Najip Ali to apologise to PM over remarks on TV show


SHAH ALAM: Selangor Umno Youth today demanded Singaporean comedian Najip Ali to publicly apologise to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak over offensive remarks he made during a television show recently.

Its chief Zainuri Zainal said Najip's offensive remarks had resulted in other panelists on the show to also make demeaning comments about the prime minister.

In a statement today, Zainuri said the remarks were made during a segment of the show where Najip and the panelists had to fill in a word in a sentence which appeared to be a headline to an online article.

Najip, said Zainuri, in trying to guess word to complete the sentence, had likened Najib and his wife to Disney's Beauty and the Beast's characters.

One of the panelists had also tried to link Najib with Raja Bomoh and ridiculed the Saudi Arabia's Aramco USD7 billion investments in Malaysia.

"Najip's action on the show was rude and he must issue an open apology to the prime minister and Malaysians. We also urge Media Corp, the television station that aired the showed and wholly-owned by Temasek Holdings, a Singapore government-linked company, to openly apologise to Najib. They must also take action against Najip.

"Astro, the television station that had invited Najip as a guest on Maharaja Lawak Mega 2017, must halt his involvements on the show and ban him from taking part in any of its shows in the future." said Zainuri.