Here's how much Wall Street interns are making this summer

Marguerite Ward
It's much more than the average 18 to 24-year-old full-time employee.

Each summer, a new crop of college students take to Wall Street to dive into highly-competitive financial internships.

While it's no secret the financial industry offers some of the most lucrative opportunities, recent salary data from jobs platform Glassdoor reveals just how much interns in the field make. Software engineering and other tech internships top the national list of best-paying gigs, but financial analyst and banking positions aren't far behind.

Focusing on the 10 largest commercial banks in the U.S., CNBC found Glassdoor salary data for roles titled "summer financial analyst" or "summer analyst" in New York City. Salary data that was stated as an hourly wage or as a yearly wage was converted to a monthly salary.

We found that Wall Street interns at top institutions make more than 1.5 times the median earnings of full-time professionals ages 18 to 24, while some make more than 2.5 times that amount. The average young man in this age bracket with a full-time job makes $2,418 per month, while his female counterpart makes $2,119, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Here's how much interns at big financial institutions can expect to make this summer, according to Glassdoor:

10. U.S. Bankcorp
Average monthly salary: $3,466

9. TD Bank
Average monthly salary: $3,553

8. PNC
Average monthly salary: $3,813

7. Wells Fargo
Average monthly salary: $4,458

6. Bank of America
Average monthly salary: $4,457

Average monthly salary: $4,947

4. BNY Mellon
Average monthly salary: $5,125

3. JP Morgan Chase

Average monthly salary: $5,180

2. Capital One
Average monthly salary: $5,206

1. Citi
Average monthly salary: $5,643

Other financial institutions in New York pay their interns top-dollar too. Interns at AIG make $6,170 each month, Blackrock $5,763, Deutsche Bank $5,513, HSBC $4,974, and Goldman Sachs $4,256.

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Video by Zack Guzman.