'Do not give excuses for price increase' - Khairul Azwan

Nor Ain Mohamed Radhi

KUALA LUMPUR: Do not give excuses should the prices of goods continue to increase after implementation of Sales and Service Tax (SST), said Senator Khairul Azwan Harun. “We hope, should the price increase go out of control, the government will not use the same excuse that the previous government under Barisan Nasional gave with Goods and Services Tax (GST),” he told a press conference at the Parliament today. He said although the previous government had explained that price increase of goods was not due to GST but other external factors such as oils prices and currency exchange, among others, the government (then the opposition) was against the excuses. “When we explained to them, they rejected our explanations. Therefore, do not use the same reasons,” he said. Meanwhile, as Dewan Negara passed the Sales Tax Bill 2018 today, Khairul Azwan called for an independent committee to be established by the government to monitor the implementation of SST. “The committer will help to prevent any implication following the implementation of SST. “ He said among the implications that might occur were the existence of black economy, transfer pricing and compounding effect in tax calculation. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd