'Princess Cyd' Tells A Queer Coming-Of-Age Story Across One Enlightening Summer

Enlightening summers are one of cinema’s great traditions. Before the year’s end, sparks of sunny queer romance will arrive in two coming-of-age gems: the ’80s dreamboat “Call Me by Your Name” and the contemporary sparkler “Princess Cyd.”

HuffPost has the exclusive trailer for the latter movie, which revolves around the titular 16-year-old (Jessie Pinnick), an athlete whose mother died when she was young. Cyd escapes her depressive single father for a summer with her aunt (Rebecca Spence), a well-known Chicago novelist who encourages Cyd to explore a fling with an androgynous barista about town (Malic White). As in the heralded “Call Me by Your Name,” sexuality in “Princess Cyd” is a free-flowing development, rippling against the agony and ecstasy of youthful self-discovery. 

The latest film from writer-director Stephen Cone (“Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party”), “Princess Cyd” opens Nov. 3 in New York and Chicago, and Dec. 1 in Los Angeles. 

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.