'Review use of electronic gadgets in schools'

Amir Hamzah Nordin

JERANTUT: The Education Ministry has been urged to review the use of electronic gadgets to improve learning and teaching in schools.

West Malaysia Teachers’ Union president Jasni Md Kechik said the review would allow the ministry to ascertain the benefits or drawbacks of using such paraphernalia in classes.

Jasni also said the ministry should outline a special guideline on the use of such gadgets for maintenance and to prevent abuse among others.

“In terms of teaching and learning, the use of such gadgets are beneficial. But there are factors that can lead to problems including maintenance and weak data connection.

“There should be enough infrastructure to support the use of such devices, suitable with the classroom environment and current needs,” he said when contacted today.

Jasni said the French government have begun doing away the use of such gadgets this month due to numerous negative factors, including students’ short span of attention in class, online bullying and unnecessary visits to certain websites.

“If a developed country like France has decided to repeal the use of such gadgets, surely it was after an extensive study.

“Students can get distracted by the use of handphones, for example, spending more time surfing the internet because there was no one to properly monitor their use of such gadgets.

Jasni added that the use of handphones among school students would also incur additional costs and lead to wastage. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd