'Sungai Kandis voters want candidate who will be close to the people'

Mohd Noor Aswad

SHAH ALAM: Voters from Sungai Kandis generally want candidates who are close to the people in the area.

PKR’s local election machinery member Saribanon Saibon said she and her team as well as the grassroots supporters are against candidates who are not from the area.

“We need a representative who will represent the voice of the people here, who knows what is important for the people here and what we need. That can only come from a candidate who is from here and not an outsider,” she said when contacted.

Saribanon said this when asked to explain on rumours that the voters of Sungai Kandis rejected candidates from PKR who are not from the area.

Saribanon said only a capable local candidate can continue the good work of the late Mat Shuhaimi Shafiei.

She said the people and voters want a local who is humble, a good listener and who will serve the people regardless of race, adding that a local will also know the strengths and weaknesses of the area.

She added that the candidate must get along with the mosque committee members as well as able to get along with the youths and is accepted by people from all ages.

“The person must also be able to come down to the markets and meet the people there, if there are deaths, he should also be free to visit as well as attend the feasts organised here. He must also not be shy to hang out with us at coffee shops. This is why we want a local,” she said.

However, local voter Nazilah Idris said it doesn’t matter if the candidate is local or not as long as the candidate makes the effort to be close to the people.

“I hope the candidate chosen by Umno is not someone who has lost before because the voters of Sungai Kandis will reject him.”

Nazilah said in the current situation, the people has rejected Umno, therefore the candidate shouldn’t be from the top leadership, instead the person must be from the grassroots level to win the people’s confidence.

“The candidate must be capable, clean and able to serve the constituency,” Nazilah said.

The media had speculated three names submitted to the PKR leadership for the by-election.

The three candidates are Kota Anggerik representative, Yaakob Sapari; Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) Malaysia Vice Chief Mohd Radzlan Jalaluddin and Mikhael Iskhandaar who is the Vice Chairman of the PKR Selangor Integration Bureau.

The Sungai Kandis state seat fell vacant following the death of its incumbent Mat Shuhaimi from cancer on July 2.

The Election Commission (EC) fixed August 4 for polling day while nomination has been set for July 21. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd