'Voice in my head told me to repent, quit drugs': Ameng

Siraj Mohd Zaini

SHAH ALAM: “I’ve heard voice in my head, but they asked me to repent and quit drugs,” said former vocalist of popular band Spring vocalist Ameng, whose full name Wan Aminuddin Wan Ismail. The 49-year-old singer from Terengganu in relating his 20 years’ involvement with drugs said he was “lucky” that the voice had instructed him to repent and not commit other offences like murder. At that time, Ameng, who was staying in Cheras Baru, said he had returned from a night club in Subang Jaya. “I was on my way home at about 4am, when I heard a voice from behind the car I was riding saying ‘hey Ameng, what is becoming of you?’ “I thought I was hallucinating and asked myself whether the incident was real. “The voice could somehow understand and said he was right there behind me, and that I was at death’s door. “It is natural for humans to feel scared when someone mentions about death. I shivered in fear upon hearing this,” he told the audience at a dialogue titled Dadah: Aku Peduli, Kau Jangan Tak Peduli’ (Drugs: I care, don’t you turn a blind eye) at Dewan Karangkraf here today. Ameng said the voice the instructed him to drive to the Cheras Muslim cemetery. “The voice said he wanted to show me the place where I would return to. ‘Find a graveyard, I want to show you’, he said. “As I arrived at the cemetery alone, I saw a bright light as it was shining towards the graves. “I didn’t see the cemetery as a scary place, but rather a site that inspired a realisation from within me. I cried my heart out while being aware that I was still under the influence,” said Ameng who was released from the Kluang prison for drug abuse in June 2016. He said the incident had opened up his eyes and enabled to experience the supernatural for three months. Ameng said his drug habit had given him a hard life lesson as he lost hundreds of thousands ringgit in royalty money and served time in prison. He said he had also lost a lot of his fans and was looked down upon by people including his family members. Also present as panelists were former National Anti-Drug Agency director-general Datuk Dr Abd Halim Mohd Hussin, Selangor Education Department’s Human Capital Development chief assistant director Kairul Anuar Awang and Federal Police Narcotics Investigation Department chief assistant director SAC Zulkifli Ali. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd