Here's Why Kim K Didn't Realize Her Makeup Brushes Look Like Dildos

Jennifer Lawrence may have just conducted Kim Kardashian’s most revealing interview yet. 

Lawrence played guest host on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last week and interviewed the reality icon ― one of her own personal icons ― on a range of hard-hitting issues: namely farting in front of husbandKanye Westand the phallic shape of herKKW Beauty makeup brushes.

After presenting a flesh-colored contour brush from the collection to the audience, Lawrence, implying that the brush looked more like a sex toy than a cosmetics tool, admitted to Kardashian the brush was “not at all what she thought it was for.” 

“It wasn’t necessarily the flesh color that made me think it was a dildo,” Lawrence laughed.  

But if simply hearing Lawrence and Kardashian talk about dildos weren’t funny enough, Kardashian’s response was also pretty epic.

“See I usually see, like, darker colors,” she said to tremendous laughter from the audience, “so that didn’t come to mind until after the fact when I was posting it on social media, and I was like oh sh*t, this looks like a dildo.”

“I didn’t notice ’cause it was so white,” Lawrence quipped back. 

Petition for all future Kardashian family interviews to be conducted by Lawrence?


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