This App Allows You to Chat With Doctors and TCM Specialists on COVID-19 Related Questions

SINGAPORE, April 10, 2020

Integrated telehealth platform, Doctor World is ramping up on its digital infrastructure to continue providing Singaporeans with relevant, accessible and affordable healthcare amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The digital platform, which is currently partnered with over 200 healthcare providers including Raffles Medical Group, has been providing 24/7 teleconsultation since January last year. The service allows users to consult with Singapore-licensed doctors via video call, have their
medicine delivered to them under 3 hours, and receive digital copies of their medical certificate all from the comfort of their own homes.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the existing online services offered by Doctor World help mitigate the risk of viral transmission by minimising the amount of face-to-face interactions.

Chat With Doctors and TCM Specialists

Users can chat* with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specialists, pharmacists and general practitioners (GPs) on matters relating to COVID-19.

*Users should note that the text chat service does not constitute a medical consultation. It is not to diagnose illness and prescribe medication. Instead, it serves as a communication channel for users seeking quick answers to medical matters from real experts (as opposed to chatbots).

chat with doctors

Should the need for a GP consultation arises, users can seamlessly opt for a teleconsultation, or take an eQueue number to visit a nearby clinic via the same platform.

Track Your Body Temperature

With daily temperature-taking fast becoming the norm for individuals and companies alike, Doctor World has introduced a feature for users to record and monitor their temperature readings. If the recorded temperature is above 37.50-degree celsius, users will be alerted to seek immediate medical attention either via teleconsultation or physical consultation. Users can also set up to 3 daily reminders for temperature-taking. Companies can make use of this service to cut out the administrative hassle of temperature-tracking of their employees.


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