Apparently, these are the Holy Grail of tights

Julia Webb

Thanks to the chilly winter weather being a daily struggle, tights are an everyday staple in our wardrobes. Sadly, most  pairs of tights are not overly comfortable. From too-tight waistbands to itchy fabric that snags on practically everything, it seems like we go through tights weekly.

Thankfully, Heist Studios is here to change all of that. With four pairs of tights (ranging from $32 to $38), it sounds like they have made the end-all and be-all of tights -- they don't dig, they use 10x the nylon in typical tights and they also don't have any seams thanks to a 3D knitting technique.

Heist Studios' website explains: "We worked with 67 women in a year-long quest to free them from the restrictions of ordinary tights. And we got there: tights that don’t dig, sag, itch or snag, but are actually a pleasure to move in. Our innovative design propelled Heist from editor’s favourite, to the go-to tights brand for thousands of women around the world." Shop all of the styles below and see for yourself if these tights are worth the hype!

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