Apple Card holders can skip March payment without accruing interested due to coronavirus outbreak

Apple Card owners can now make payments on their desktop

According to a media report, Apple Card holders began receiving emails from the company stating that they are permitted to skip March's payment without accruing interest.

For those Apple Card holders experiencing financial hardship this month due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, the company is now offering an assistance program that allows people to skip their March payment without accruing interest for the billing period, according to a report in MacRumors.

This is just the latest response to the pandemic that Apple is making, an offering which complements a slew of precautions taken within its retail locations before they closed down until March 27. Ahead of the closure, the company increased the number of cleaning staff members in stores, reduced the number of chairs and stools available to prevent customers from sitting too close to one another, and gave employees bonus sick days.

Finally, Apple announced late last week that its annual WWDC event will be a completely digital experience to prevent unnecessary contamination.

To enroll to skip their March Apple Card payment, customers can send an iMessage to Apple's Card Support line saying "I would like to enroll in the Customer Assistance Program." They will then be invited to initiate the enrollment process.