Apple tipped to launch new iPads in May

 Apple iPad Air 5, one of the best business tablet candidates for 2023.
Apple iPad Air 5, one of the best business tablet candidates for 2023.

Apple could finally launch new iPads in May, bringing in OLED panels and a brand-new iPad Air model.

Apple tipster and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said that his sources with insider knowledge of Apple's plans note that “early May” is slated as a launch period for next-generation iPads.

It was previously thought new iPads would arrive in March or April, but Gurman reported that complications in OLED display manufacturing and getting the software ready for the new tablets led to delays in shipping.

As has been previously rumored, Apple is once again expected to launch new iPad Pro models that’ll sport OLED displays, while the so-called iPad Air 6 is tipped to get a refresh and a new 12.9-inch model that’ll offer a big-screened iPadOS experience without the need to splash the cash on the expensive 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

More power, slicker accessories

Gurman said the iPad Pros will be codenamed J717, J718, J720 and J721 and will make use of the Apple M3 chip – as seen in the latest MacBook Air 13-inch.

These next-gen iPad Pros are also expected to have a redesigned Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil. But exactly what form these tweaks will take wasn't mentioned in Gurman’s latest report. One could posit new keyboard mechanisms and more flexibility in the keyboard's positioning, and likely better sensitivity and precision with the Apple Pen.

The iPad Air upgrades are likely to be more on the chip side, potentially going for a M3, which would be a notable upgrade on the M1 chip the current iPad Air has. But an iPad Air with a larger display could be one way to give iPads a shot in the arm; as smartphones get bigger and foldable phones come to the fore, there’s arguably no need for 10.9-inch tablets, but one with a screen that’s nearly 13 inches could be a lot more appealing.

If Apple does indeed launch new iPads in May, it would come a stone's throw away from WWDC 2024, which will take place June 10 this year.

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