Apple Vision Pro accessories — here's what everything costs

 Apple Vision Pro EyeSight feature.
Apple Vision Pro EyeSight feature.

Apple Vision Pro preorders are now live ahead of the February 2 launch of the iPhone maker's highly anticipated mixed reality headset. The Vision Pro's product page reveals configurations, pricing and accessories while a new specs page clarifies answers to some lingering questions we've had. Unsurprisingly, getting all the extra trimmings with your Vision Pro will set you back a pretty penny — and that's on top of the headset's eye-watering $3,499 starting price.

For starters, upgrading your Vision Pro's storage to 512GB sees the price jump to $3,699, and 1TB will cost $3,899. (The base model for $3,499 comes with 256GB of storage.) And what's an Apple product without a catalog of expensive accessories?

Looking to take your Vision Pro on the go? A travel case will set you back $199. You can deck out the Vision Pro's external battery pack, which Apple says will only provide two hours of usage if you need to be mobile, with a $49.95 Belkin battery holder that clips onto your belt. Need optical inserts to actually, you know, see while wearing your expensive new headset because, unlike the Meta Quest, you can't wear glasses with the Vision Pro? Readers will cost $99, while prescription lenses will be $149. Both are made by Zeiss, and attach to the Vision Pro’s interior magnetically.

If you want to add a warranty with AppleCare Plus, that's another $499 for two years of coverage. Though you should know that even with a coverage plan, you can expect to pay $299 for each repair.

Check out the Vision Pro's full line-up of accessories and their prices below.

Apple Vision Pro accessories: pricing and where to buy

Skimping on AppleCare Plus could cost you

As mentioned before, a two-year warranity with AppleCare Plus adds another $499 to your bill. And based on the estimated repair costs on the Apple Vision Pro service page, it may be worth it for some early adopters to pay for peace of mind here. Or else it could cost them a serious chunk of change in the long run.

Repairs fall into two categories: “cracked cover glass” which will cost $799 for users without a coverage plan, and the incredibly vague “other damage,” which comes to $2,399. In other words, if your Vision Pro headset takes a nasty tumble that both cracks the front glass and causes other damage inside, you’ll be on the hook for a $3,198 bill, or around 91% of the cost of a brand new headset.

If you’re particularly clumsy, rest assured that an AppleCare Plus plan covers an “unlimited” number of incidents during its duration — so long as you come up with the $299 deductible each time. That coverage includes any “unexpected and unintentional external event,” including spilling liquid or dropping the device.

It’s can be tempting to take your chances and skimp on extended warranties with shiny new hardware to keep the final price tag down, but we’d definitely encourage early Vision Pro adopters to splurge for an AppleCare Plus plan. Not only is first-generation hardware typically less reliable than subsequent iterations (case in point, Apple has been producing the best iPhones for over 15 years, making its flagship smartphones extremely reliable), but when dealing with hardware designed to cover your eyes, it's crucial not to overlook the potential for accidental damage.