Apple Vision Pro launches with over 600 apps — here's what to expect

 Apple Vision Pro on table.
Apple Vision Pro on table.

Apple Vision Pro launches tomorrow (February 2) with over 600 apps and games designed specifically for the new VR/AR headset. This is along with the millions of existing compatible iPhone and iPad apps available on the Apple App Store.

The apps in question range from productivity and entertainment. In our Apple Vision Pro review, we detailed apps like Djay, which puts you in front of a mixer and turntables. SkyGuide places you inside a planetarium while JigSpace lets you place 3D animations and models in front of you.

Apple Vision Pro djay app
Apple Vision Pro djay app

If you’re subscribed to Apple Arcade, you can check out over 250 games on Apple Vision Pro. This includes NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition, Sonic Dream Team, and TMNT Splintered Fate. As far as Vision Pro-specific titles, there’s Synth Riders, LEGO Builder’s Journey, Fruit Ninja and more. Spatial games such as Game Room, Cut the Rope 3 and others will also be available at launch for Apple Vision Pro.

Regarding spatial experiences, Hold the World places you in London’s Natural History Museum with the distinguished Sir David Attenborough to explore its collection, while ForeFlight lets you see what it's like being an air traffic control coordinator. Carrot Weather uses 3D weather maps, though we weren’t too impressed by this app when testing the Vision Pro.


Given how Apple Vision Pro costs a hefty $3,500, it’s good that Apple is offering so many apps designed for the device at launch. And as we said, there are over one million existing App Store apps you can also try on the headset. We’re sure Apple will continue releasing more apps in the coming months, so it’ll be interesting to see which ones become breakout hits — or which ones might make the spatial headset a true must-have piece of tech.

As we said in our review, the Apple Vision Pro is arguably the most innovative Apple product since the original iPhone. That said, it’s not alone as the similar (and cheaper at $999) Meta Quest Pro has been on the market for some time. That said, Apple Vision Pro’s compatibility with the best iPhones, best iPads, best MacBooks and more could make it more appealing to folks invested in the Apple ecosystem.

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