Apple Watch battery life bug is fixed with watchOS 10.1.1

The patch just rolled out alongside a bug fixes update for iOS 17.

Photo by Cherlynn Low / Engadget

If your Apple Watch hasn't been holding its charge like it used to, it’s time to update to the latest version of watchOS. Earlier this month, several Apple Watch users noticed their batteries draining faster than usual after they installed watchOS 10.1. Of course, users took to social media to voice their observations and to make sure it wasn't an isolated happening. Later, Apple acknowledged the battery drain issue and promised to release a fix -— which happened today with the latest version of watchOS. 10.1.1. Specifically, Apple says that the update "address an issue that could cause the battery to drain more quickly for some users."

Apple has come a long way with its software updates over the years. These days, most of Apple's updates are fairly stable but that doesn't mean they're immune to getting hit by the occasional bug that can significantly affect users. The Apple Watch is a wearable device that has become enmeshed in the routines of many. To keep up with the needs of users, good battery life on a smartwatch is essential.

So, this fix could not have come soon enough as the battery drain problem has been affecting quite a few users. One user said "watchOS 10.1 is killing the battery on my Apple Watch," causing it to drop from 100 to 50 percent in less than an hour. Additionally, the issue has affected Apple Watches across the board, including older ones like the SE and the latest models like the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Apple's watchOS 10.1.1 also includes unspecified bug fixes, as usual. As usual, this update comes alongside a corresponding iOS one, 17.1.1. This update addresses Apple Pay and NFC features that stop working on iPhone 15 models after wirelessly charging in certain vehicles. It also has a all-important fix for the snowing graphic on the weather widget on the Lock Screen.