Apple working on a subscription bundle called Apple One, report says

Christian de Looper
·2-min read

Apple has launched a number of subscription services over the past few years, including Apple TV+, Apple News+, and Apple Arcade — adding to existing ones like Apple Music and iCloud. Soon, however, Apple could make managing those subscriptions a whole lot easier, with a new, all-encompassing subscription called Apple One.

According to a report from Bloomberg, there will be multiple tiers of the new subscription model. A basic model will include just Apple Music and Apple TV+. The next tier up will also include Apple Arcade, followed by a tier that adds Apple News+. Finally, the will be a tier that adds iCloud storage. It’s not expected that Apple One will include AppleCare.

The new Apple One subscription might make sense for many customers, who could actually save money by rolling all of their subscriptions into one, instead of paying for them separately. Apple One will also work with the Family Sharing system that allows subscription benefits to be shared with up to six people.

The report notes that Apple is working on other services too. Notably, the company may be working on a virtual fitness service that can be used through the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. The fitness service will be available as part of the higher-tier subscription bundles.

The move isn’t all that surprising for Apple. Code in some versions of iOS 13 references subscription bundles, as well as managing existing Apple subscriptions.

Of course, actual pricing for the subscription remains to be seen. The report suggests that customers could save between $2 and $5 per month depending on the bundle, though that would only apply to customers who have subscribed to each service individually anyway. Through a bundle, Apple would potentially get more subscribers too — the company has reportedly struggled to get subscribers for Apple TV+ and Apple News+, but bundling those services with others would pump up the numbers, and establish more recurring revenue for the company.

If Apple does launch the Apple One subscription this year, it will likely be alongside the iPhone at an event in September or October. Unlike previous years, the event will be held virtually.