Approval of aid package for Ukraine will make both Europe and North America safer - Stoltenberg

Jens Stoltenberg
Jens Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed the U.S. House of Representatives' approval of a substantial new aid package for Ukraine, asserting that the decision enhances security across both Europe and North America.

"I welcome the fact that U.S. House of Representatives has approved a new major package of assistance to Ukraine," Stoltenberg wrote.

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"Ukraine utilizes weapons provided by NATO Allies to destroy Russia's military capabilities. This makes us all safer in Europe and North America."

The U.S. House voted on April 20 to allocate $60 billion to Ukraine via Bill 8035, crafted by House Speaker Mike Johnson's team. The bill won the support of 311 congressmen, while 112 voted against it, and one abstained.

For the legislation to become law, it must be approved by the Senate and signed by the President.

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Earlier, on February 13, the U.S. Senate had approved a broader $95 billion aid package, which includes support for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, with Ukraine set to receive $61.4 billion. The delay in the House, where Republicans hold a slight majority, was attributed by some to the White House's alleged failure to adequately consider American interests, particularly in relation to border security.

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