Apps to Keep Your Kids Busy During Summer

RJ Firmeza

Apps to Keep Your Kids Busy

During Summer

By RJ Firmeza

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I’m sure parents can agree on this one: Of all the things that you can concern yourself with this summer, nothing can bring us more stress than keeping our kids entertained. We enroll them in swim classes, martial arts, soccer, and everything else we can think of to fill up their day while we are out working.

And thank goodness, technology is here! Sure, lots have been written about the bad effects of technology on kids. But to be fair, the bad can affect all of us, not just kids. As with everything else, prudence is needed. Embrace technology; make it work for you.

Here are a couple of apps you should definitely check out for your kids.

Let’s Create! Pottery

Via iTunes

This therapeutic app is the perfect way to pass the time by creating beautiful ceramics. You just might end up downloading this for yourself!

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Jigsaw Puzzle

Via Google Play

Majority of kids these days hasn’t probably played physical jigsaw puzzles, but as with most things these days, there’s an app for that.

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Monument Valley

Via iTunes

Unleash your kids imagination with this 3D game, which is basically architecture meets gaming.

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Blek helps your child discover the beauty of animation and motion.

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