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Friday 29, May

The Moon moves into your house of intimacy today, which isn't always the most comfortable space for you to be. The healthiest thing for you to do this weekend is to open all the way up - even to allow yourself to be vulnerable, Aquarius. You'll be glad you were brave enough to show your feelings.

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Thursday 28, May

The communication planet lands in your house of work today and will be there for an extra-long visit, Aquarius. Mercury's stint in Cancer is extended this year because of a retrograde next month, keeping your mind immersed in multiple projects through early August - and perhaps revisiting jobs of your past.

Wednesday 27, May

The Moon is in your opposite sign for the next few days, Aquarius. This brings emphasis to your relationships, but it can also make you a bit uneasy and frustrated. If you can't be around or at least talk to people who really know you and get you, take time to honor the things you love about yourself the most, Aquarius. You have some pretty spectacular qualities.

Tuesday 26, May

Jupiter and Mercury are in a slight row today and it's putting everyone on edge, Aquarius. This can dampen your enthusiasm for creative projects, but only for a hot second. If you feel less than inspired don't worry - that will change swiftly over the next few days.

Monday 25, May

With the Moon in your work zone, you're more than ready for the new week, Aquarius. If you're in need of motivation, look no further - this energy is perfect for getting super organized and into multiple projects at once. You can be a master multitasker for the next few days.

Sunday 24, May

The Moon and Mercury are meeting up in your house of love and pleasure today. This is the perfect day to have the talks you've been afraid to have with your beloved or current crush. It won't diminish your closeness. In fact, it will help you feel even more connected at a deeper level of truth and honesty.

Saturday 23, May

The Moon and Neptune are squaring off today to create a lot of fog and confusion in your money zone. It's excellent for your creativity but it may throw you off balance in terms of translating your vision into financial support. You'll find your way, darling, just be patient and wait for it to come into focus.

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