Archaeologists discover 500-year-old Aztec starfish altar

STORY: LOCATOR: Templo Mayor, Mexico City

A 500-year-old Aztec 'starfish altar'

was unearthed at a temple in Mexico

[Miguel Baez Perez, Archaeologist]

“In total there are 164 starfishes there, which makes it the altar with the largest number of starfishes we’ve found up until now.”

Archaeologists believe the fossils

correspond to a specific species

known as the 'chocolate chip sea star'

or Nidorellia armata

Jaguar bones and other remains

such as seashells were also found

[Miguel Baez Perez, Archaeologist]

“This is really interesting because if you think about it, this starfish looks like the skin of a jaguar. It’s orange with dark spots.

Experts say the jaguar motifs mean

the offerings were related to battle

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