Canadian influencer Ariana Christie opens up about '4th trimester' in honest post

Ariana Christie is opening up about her postpartum journey.

Canadian influencer Ariana Christie opens up about '4th trimester' in honest post

Ariana Christie is opening up about her postpartum journey.

The Canadian influencer recently took to Instagram to share a carousel of photos, giving her more than 39,000 followers a glimpse of her life since welcoming her four-month-old daughter, Cali. She paired the candid photos with a caption discussing the unspoken "fourth trimester."

Christie explained that the "fourth trimester is defined as 'the 12-week period immediately after you have had your baby."

She pointed out that during that 12-week postpartum period, moms often receive a ton of support from loved ones, but after that, it begins to taper off.

"After these three months, the supports start to fade, the responsibilities increase, and the needs do not go away," Christie penned. "Postpartum does not end at 12 weeks. This definition of the fourth trimester makes us feel like we should have it all together and that we don’t need help or support after that period of time is over."

"It’s another contradiction we’re faced with," she continued. "If you’re struggling too much, you’re weak. If you’re looking like you’re doing all right, then you’re fine, and when you’re someone who doesn’t like to ask for help, you’re out of luck."

At four and a half months postpartum, the mom of three revealed that she is just "starting to get a hang of" things.

She added: "Forget the 12-week 'deadline' and support the people you love no matter what season of life they’re in."

In the comments, fans thanked Christie for the important reminder about early motherhood.

"I love this! I’m seven months postpartum and still feel overwhelmed, unsure and haven’t quite figured out who I am now, other than 'mom.' It’s definitely an ongoing process," an Instagram user commented.

Another wrote: "This is everything. I am so thankful for the mom group you created for this exact reason. Moral support, companionship, etc. Motherhood is a lot and it’s nice to know we’re in it together."

"I am feeling this so much today! Thanks for sharing," someone else shared.

"Love this. Needs to be talked about more," added another.

In January, Christie shared a set of photos of her cradling her newborn daughter, paired with an emotional message about the "grief of motherhood."

"Honouring these feelings is important. No one talks about the grief of motherhood. The sadness felt at the loss of what was before this responsibility came, the loneliness that comes with the inability to drop everything and socialize," the self-love advocate wrote. "The loss of who you once were."

"It is okay to feel whatever emotions come your way. Be grateful for the good and hold space for times of grief or sadness. You are doing amazing and you are a good mom," she concluded.

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