Ariana Madix Blasts Bethenny Frankel’s Podcast With Rachel Leviss: ‘You Don’t Know What the F–k You’re Talking About’

Ariana Madix blasted fellow “Bravolebrity” Bethenny Frankel’s podcast with her former friend/”Vanderpump Rules” castmate Rachel Leviss, saying Frankel’s statements made her “more angry,” and that Frankel should “know better.”

Frankel invited Leviss — who carried out an affair with Madix’s longtime boyfriend Tom Sandoval — for a three-part interview on her “Just B” podcast, which was released last week.

A former star of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” Frankel has spearheaded the so-called “reality TV reckoning” and wants networks like Bravo to better compensate unscripted television stars. Frankel propped up Leviss as an example of talent that has been financially exploited, and subjected to emotional abuse from her costars and viewers following the “Scandoval.” The “Just B” podcast was Leviss’ first public interview since leaving a mental health facility where she sought treatment for three months.

Madix appeared on the “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay” podcast to react to Frankel and Leviss’s sitdown. Madix, who read summaries but hasn’t fully listened to the entire interview, claimed her mental health was impacted by their podcast.

She had a particular bone to pick with Frankel, who herself admitted on “Just B” that she never watched “Vanderpump Rules” before meeting with Leviss.

“Bethenny, I feel should have known better,” Madix said. “[She] actually upset me more in the things that were said because even as recently [in another podcast] she said, ‘Oh, Ariana’s forgiven [Tom Sandoval]’. I’m like, ‘Why are you speaking for me? I don’t know you. You don’t know what the f–k you’re talking about, lady.'”

“There were a lot of things that were said by her that I think made me more angry,” Madix added. “I feel like she should know better.”

Madix did express some sympathy towards Leviss, who told Frankel she has a “no contact” rule with her castmates and will not be returning to “Vanderpump Rules.”

“With Rachel, she’s still going along with some things that were told to her over the last year or so from [Tom], and I think that made me really sad,” Madix commented. “I get why maybe, even though you should know better at that point that those things are not true — you’re choosing to believe him.”

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with, or anything bad, with Rachel going on anything to do any interview. She should… but some of the things that were said made me really sad,” Madix added.

Madix isn’t the only one debunking parts of the “Just B” podcast. Lisa Vanderpump, the star and an executive producer on “Vanderpump Rules,” said that Leviss made $361,000 for appearing in Season 10, despite Frankel’s claimed Leviss made “intern money.” The restaurateur-turned-reality star shot down reports that Sandoval was offered a producer credit for Season 11, which is currently in production.

Listen to Madix’s interview with Scheana Shay here.

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