All Right, Arizona! HuffPost’s 'Listen To America' Tour Stops In Tucson

Jenna Amatulli

Week six of our Listen To America road trip closed out in Tucson, Arizona.

The people of Tucson, which is sometimes referred to as “The Old Pueblo,” welcomed us to their bustling city in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert and let us spend some time on the University of Arizona campus.

The university helps give the city its electricity, but it’s merely a small part of Tucson’s mass appeal. For one, the city is something of a hub for writers. David Foster Wallace, Barbara Kingsolver and Erskine Caldwell all called the city home.

Tucson is also a gastronomical haven. It’s known for its Sonoran-style Mexican food, and UNESCO even designated Tucson a “world city of gastronomy” in 2015 (curious and hungry visitors must try a Sonoran hot dog).

We’d advise that you come for the food and stay for the views of the Santa Catalinas mountains and the gorgeous adobe row houses of Barrio Historico. Here’s what our time in Tucson looked like:

The HuffPost bus sits amid cacti during HuffPost's visit to Tucson, Arizona, on Oct. 20 as part of "Listen To America: A HuffPost Road Trip."

People visit the "Listen to America" tents during HuffPost's visit to University of Arizona in Tucson.

Chris Wayne helps Katherine Graves sign up to be interviewed.

Brittany Taylor waits to be interviewed.

A student puts stickers on a water bottle during HuffPost's visit to University of Arizona.

Nate Airulla speaks with James Michael Nichols and Rachel Elman during HuffPost's visit.

Jose Ramirez and Francisco Leon play a game of cornhole.

Students visit the "Listen to America" tents.

Brint Milward signs up to be interviewed.

Brennan Menta and Jazmin J. Morales chat during HuffPost's visit.

Deanna Lewis is interviewed during HuffPost's visit to Tucson.

HuffPost and Peak XV staff fill swag bags.

Emma Reilly hugs Hillary Frey during HuffPost's visit to University of Arizona in Tucson.

People visit the "Listen to America" tents at the University of Arizona.

People visit the "Listen to America" tents.

D.J. Munoz plays a game of jumbo Jenga with Ariel Munoz and Andrea Munoz.

Bus driver Bobby Jansen hugs his daughter Nicole Davidtz.

Rachel Elman helps Alora Cohen and Cristina Siqueires to sign up to be interviewed.

Curtis Wong signs up Stuart Teichner to be interviewed.

People visit the "Listen to America" tents.

Gemma Kerbs prepares to be interviewed by Nick Schaffer and Hayley Miller.

The HuffPost bus sits amid cacti on the outskirts of Tucson.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story misstated the last name of Nate Airulla.

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