Arjan Bhullar On Chatri Sityodtong’s Interest In ONE Vs. UFC Event: ‘His Confidence Speaks Volumes’

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Last month, ONE Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong went on record to say that he’s open to a cross-promotion event between ONE Championship and the UFC.

It only makes sense, as the two organizations are the biggest in the world of martial arts and promote the best athletes on the planet.

Many hardcore fans would love to see the two giants pit their best athletes against each other in order to truly determine the best in each weight class.

If that happens, ONE Heavyweight World Champion Arjan “Singh” Bhullar would no doubt represent ONE’s heavyweight division. And he’s not just open to the challenge – he’s praising Sityodtong for having an unwavering belief in ONE and its fighters.

“It speaks about Chatri as a leader,” Bhullar said. “It speaks about our company. He’s open to allowing athletes to do special things for themselves, for their legacy, and for the company.

“In my opinion, that shows confidence in his guys, and that’s what really gets me excited. If your promoters are willing to have you crossover like that, they know that there’s going to be success.”

“Singh” only wishes that UFC executives felt the same way as Sityodtong. Having said that, he sees why the American-based organization would shy away from such a challenge.

“They’re worried about their guy losing and the brand losing. Or it could be seen as smart, too, because you don’t feel your guys will win,” he said.

Having fought for both organizations, Bhullar has a fair take on the matter. But even if the cross-promotion event never happens, the ONE Heavyweight World Champion is happy with the position he’s in and the opportunity to be himself.

“I’m very, very proud to be a part of [ONE]. To me, ONE has just been amazing to me in my life and what it’s allowed me to do,” Bhullar said.

“I could represent myself as the God of wrestling here – [Lord] Hanuman’s mace, my brand as a wrestler and as a fighter.”

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