Armored Core 6 player builds 'Rust Bucket', an anti-meta mech that's been ripping apart shotgun spammers with a massive chainsaw and bazooka blunderbusses

 Rust Bucket, a destructive chainsaw wielding murder machine, looms in front of his opponent.
Rust Bucket, a destructive chainsaw wielding murder machine, looms in front of his opponent.

This might just be the most FromSoftware community thing I've seen—both the PvP meta nonsense of Armored Core 6, and the absolutely headstrong, brick-headed nonsense that destroys it.

Constructed by YouTuber Oroboro, who describes himself as "King nerd, creator of OP builds, hacker slayer," and "hatemail master", the Rust Bucket is a custom-built death machine made to tear apart mechs with the power of tremendous violence.

I wrote a little about the shotgun-focused Zimmerman meta earlier this week—specifically about how FromSoftware spared it, instead choosing to buff up other weapons instead. For the unfamiliar, I'll sum up what I said there—there's a shotgun called the Zimmerman. It hits like a truck, and everyone's using it.

Oroboro may have genuinely found the answer, though, by making a mech that's just a complete nightmare up-close. Make no mistake, this thing is not made to deal with anything else. It's equipped only with a double chainsaw and two Morleys, which are 'spread bazookas'. Yes, someone saw the design of a shotgun and thought, "What if we do that to rockets?" They're about as accurate as a meteor shower, and just as destructive.

If the Rust Bucket is kept at bay, it's toast. The thing is, the Zimmerman—while it's got some decent range on it—is still in Bucket's killzone. Oroboro ruins his opponents by firing the Morleys up close, filling up the enemy's ACS bar—which staggers them when it's full—then executes a horrifying wombo combo.

It goes as follows: the Rust Bucket punches them three times, then rips them in half with a chainsaw. This is effective for two reasons: one, a bare-knuckle punch has a surprising amount of stagger, and two, that chainsaw—the "Double Trouble"—has a massive Direct Hit Adjustment. That means it deals massive damage to anyone unlucky enough to be staggered and within arm's length.

I'm not saying this is a foolproof plan. It's mostly operating off the element of raw shock and awe—but I'd be lying if I said it didn't completely rule. I mean, look at this forklift-certified bad boy. It's a hyper-specific rock to the Zimmerman's scissors, smashing it into itty-bitty pieces.

Armored Core 6 isn't a souls game, but this is in complete keeping with that community's spirit—so often you'd see some Dex-oriented tryhard with a bleed build, and just as often you'd see some dude in a loincloth with a claymore and no fear flatten them with prejudice. The Rust Bucket carries on that tradition proudly.