Armored Core 6 players use its absurd decal maker to brand their mechs with Elden Ring, The Witcher, Batman, and also anime porn

 Armored Core 6 custom Elden Ring decal
Armored Core 6 custom Elden Ring decal

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon has been out for one – count it, one – day, and users have already begun sharing intricate custom decals and mech designs inspired by the likes of Elden Ring, The Witcher, Transformers, Metroid, Wall-E, Ghostbusters, and anime porn.

"What was that last one, Austin?" I hear you ask, willfully ignoring the fact that you can still read the words right there. Oh, Ghostbusters? Yeah, this one right here:

So yes, as I mentioned in my Armored Core 6 review, FromSoftware's latest mech smackdown comes with a remarkably detailed decal maker that you can use for pilot emblems and mech paint jobs. You can use over 100 items per decal, and you can even share your creations with other players on the same platform. Needless to say, the Armored Core community wasted no time making some impressive symbols and cosplays inspired by big games and, uh, anime.

I'm a huge fan of the decals based on iconic symbols from other games. Metal Gear Solid, The Witcher, and FromSoftware's own Elden Ring have all gotten worthy renditions, and some people have made entire mechs based on video game and comic book characters like Batman Beyond and Spider-Man's Venom. Oh, and the mandatory Among Us.

The animation references are just as diverse, from Stitch of Lilo and Stitch to Makima of Chainsaw Man. We've got an homage to the mech thriller 86, the historical isekai The Saga of Tanya the Evil, and the technically mech-less Wall-E. It also took me approximately 60 seconds to find three different decals based on an anime porn trope that I'm not at liberty to explain. But hey, check out the mad lad who used 125 assets to make a cute and stupidly detailed Megumin from Konosuba.

I'd also like to give a special shout out to Reddit user Deadmansspace566, who used a decal to make sure their Armored Core was thoroughly cheeked up, because it made me laugh more than anything else I've seen so far. Truly a weapon to surpass Metal Rear.

While artists spend hours making decals, many Armored Core 6 players can't believe how tough the tutorial boss is.