Armored Core 6 players stunned to discover the game hides some of its best moments behind New Game+ and even NG++

 Armored Core 6 tetrapod mech
Armored Core 6 tetrapod mech

An essential PSA is spreading through the Armored Core 6 community, and it's even more important than the one about doing your dang training missions. The short version is that you owe it to yourself to play Armored Core 6 New Game+ and even NG++ if you really want to see the whole story.

Seriously, Armored Core 6 is giving Nier: Automata a run for its money on the narrative value of successive playthroughs, and more and more players are figuring this out. Since the game's launch, folks have taken to the Armored Core subreddit to encourage others to play through again after they roll credits. As Razhork puts it: "There are a lot of new additions, changes, and rewards. This is primarily aimed at Souls fans since I imagine this is common knowledge for older AC fans. NG+ in this game is no joke."

Razhork teased that your third playthrough, NG++, is "especially spiced up and a must-play." I beat the game twice for my Armored Core 6 review, so I knew there were some layered differences in NG+, but I took a break before diving into NG++. Baldur's Gate 3 isn't going to play itself. But this post lit a fire under me and I dove back in last night. After beating Chapter 1 of NG++, I've got to agree with Razhork here. You need to see this stuff. It's wild to me that the game is still playing new cards after 30 hours, and it's some of the best stuff yet.

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