Arnold Schwarzenegger: I never fight with wife

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger insists he and his estranged wife Maria Shriver have never had an argument.

The Hollywood star split from Maria in 2011, shortly before he admitted fathering a child with the couple's housekeeper 14 years previously.

Arnold and Maria have four children together and have managed to remain on good terms despite his betrayal. She filed for divorce following their split and as it is yet to be finalised there has been speculation they might reunite. Arnold has hinted he would love to give things another shot.

"Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely," he replied, when Esquire magazine asked if his affair is his biggest regret and whether he thinks he could rekindle things with Maria.

"Maria and I are still in touch. If you’ve got kids, you’d better be in touch. But Maria and I have a great relationship. We’ve never had a fight about anything. This [affair] is just something that was my doing. So we have a good relationship. I think she makes a real effort. We work together on the kids, to raise them together. We talk pretty much every day."

The 65-year-old was then quizzed about whether he cheated on Maria because he has a desire to "over achieve". He brushed off the comment, saying he will never try to excuse his behaviour.

"I was very fortunate to end up with a terrific woman, to have four extraordinary kids with her. You remember these moments. Childbirth, being at the hospital for the first time. The baby coming out. Moments like that," he said.

Arnold was born in Austria and developed a love of bodybuilding as a young man, going on to win the Mr. Universe title several times. Competing in the contest was one of the reasons he moved to America and it helped him build his acting career.

Looking back on things, the star is amazed he had the courage to make such a drastic change to his life.

"Having done the autobiography [Total Recall, released in 2012], I had to go back in my life and re-live it. You are shocked by a lot of things," he admitted. "Making the commitment to go to America – having the balls to do it. I don’t know what was in me to go it alone in a foreign continent, not speaking the language that well, and settle in Los Angeles and start living there. It’s things like that. Or was it the determination and belief that I’d be a leading man in the movies, despite people saying there’s no one in America who became a lead in movies with an accent? But I don’t spend much time thinking back. I like to move forward.”

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