Art pick of the week: Artist's Eye

New takes on the old painters' trusted optical aids, the Camera Lucida and Camera Obscura, allow creatives to check their hand-drawn work against an original.

Two different "Artist's Eye" apps exist under the same name, one for iOS and the other for Android devices; both require the presence of an onboard camera in order to be of use.

By transposing an image on top of the artist's progress, budding creatives can see how close their drawing, painting, or even sculpture is to an original masterwork, and make improvements as necessary.

The Android app was an Honorable Mention in the Most Innovative category at the Best App Ever Awards in May, while the iOS version offers a simplification tool as well as a transparency filter, and its developer sells a selection of flexible iPhone and iPad cradles to make comparison even simpler.

Artist's Eye ($4.99) by Eric MacDonald for iOS:

Artist's Eye (€1.00) by Karhulabs for Android:
Artist's Eye Free Karhulabs by for Android: