Art pick of the week: Banksy's New York guide

Street artists such as Banksy, JR and Os Gemeos are no strangers to the halls of prestigious museum institutions. Banksy's latest exhibit returns to the form's roots, plastering New York walls, and is accompanied by an online audio guide.

"Better Out Than In" is presented as a New York street exhibit by well-known British graffiti artist and prankster Banksy, scattered throughout the city.

Running through October, it takes as its motto a quote from French Post-Impressionist painter Cézanne: "All pictures painted inside, in the studio, will never be as good as those done outside."

Passers-by can visit or call a toll-free US telephone number to hear an excerpt.

"This piece is typical of Bansky's [sic] output, relying as it does on life-size characters viewed at a level perspective in monochrome" one of them explains.

"This effect is achieved by spraying automotive spray paint through an intricately cut shape in a piece of cardboard, or to give it its proper term, 'cheating.'"

With Banksy's characteristic humor, clips touch upon the nature of art criticism and the transience of street art.

And New Yorkers will need to be swift, as Banksy's work is not universally admired, and rival graffists are swatting it on sight -- "it's probably been painted over by now" acknowledges the audio guide. An associated BanksyNY Instagram account acts as a necessary archive of orginals, with providing commentary.