Artist Spotlight: Cao Son Nguyen – Pianist and Entertainer From Asia

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Instruments can be your best friend in any part of life. It is one of the best hobbies anyone can adopt at any time of their life. It only makes your time valuable but also makes you learn a new skill. It is also said that learning a new skill makes you happier and brings your mood up. The piano is not as complicated as it seems to be. An individual can easily learn how to play its basics within a few weeks. It always looks so trendy and awesome to play the piano.

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These days there are many masters of playing the piano. Also, it is observed that with the passage of time people are becoming more inclined towards learning it. There are many emerging talents who love to play piano and their passion could be seen in the eyes. Moreover, one thing that people must keep in mind is any hobby or thing in life could not be achieved if they practice it with real passion and consistency.

The Pianist from Asia- Cao Son Nguyen

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It could be seen that in Asia there are very less amount of piano players. But now due to the facility of online media and exposure to the internet many people have adopted it to share their talent.

Cao Son Nguyen is a young piano player who has legendary skills developed in Vietnamese music. He is just 22 years in his age and at such a young age he has a very professional hold on its skills.

Cao Son Nguyen’s Experiences in the Field of Music

As far as the experiences are concerned, Cos has achieved a lot in a very short amount of time. He has become the guest in various shows as well as achieving great awards for the excellent instrumental work. His efforts towards his passion made him this popular.

He achieved excellence awards in the school art competitions. Cao Son Nguyen got awarded in Kawai Musical Instruments Piano Contest as “The Best Similar Piano Cover” in 2016. Also in the year 2018, YouTube awarded it the “Silver Play Button”. Another achievement involves the METUB Network and also stood as the Runner-up in a contest of Son Tung M-TP’s “Chay Ngay Di Video Contest”. This contest was empowered by both M-TP’s Entertainment and METUB Network. He also became the guest of Lang Lang’s Piano Contest which was hosted by the Hublot.

Cao Son Nguyen’s Current Relationship

Cao Son’s girlfriend is Sunny Huynh (sunny.teehee), a girl who studying abroad in Australia, currently living in HCMC due to COVID-19. They have been falling in love for months and to get you know that Son is really in love with Sunny and they will become husband and wife sooner or later.

And last but not least, let’s looking forward that Son will release his new music after years of being offline. And hope that his girlfriend will always support him in his life and also his music work.

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