Artistes of different faiths perform at Prayagraj Ramlila, set example of communal harmony

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Artists participate from all religions in Ramlila, symbol of communal harmony: Prayagraj
Artists participate from all religions in Ramlila, symbol of communal harmony: Prayagraj

Prayagraj (Uttar Pradesh) [India], October 10 (ANI): Artistes of different faiths performed at the Ramlila organised by Pathar Chatti Ramlila Committee in Uttar Pradesh's Prayagraj, setting an example of communal harmony and showing that a true artiste is above caste and religious differences.

Speaking to ANI, Dilip Tiwari, director of the organisation talked about the event and said many people from different religions are performing here together and this is a symbol of togetherness.

"This is a message for the public that if you are an artist and there is an art in you then religion doesn't come in the way," he said.

"People love Mohammad Rafi as much as they love Lata Mangeshkar. Actors have no religion, anyone can be an artist irrespective of his religion and caste," Tiwari added.

Vice President Ramlila Committee Dharmendra said this is one of the oldest committees here that has been staging Ramlila for one hundred years. It has been an example of communal harmony as persons from different religions participates as an artiste in this Ramlila.

"There is no restriction here on the basis of religion. Every person is welcome in the Ramlila no matter which religion or caste they belong in," he said.

Huma Kamal, an artiste who is participating in the programme expressed her happiness being part of the event and said an artiste has no religion.

"I am playing the roles of Trijata and Anusuiya in this Ramlila. People from all religions contribute and participate here. Everything is equal and there is no religion for artistes," she added. (ANI)

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