What you get in Asda's £22 frozen Christmas dinner

Asda  FILE - A grill-roasted brined turkey is presented on a table in Concord, N.H. Turkey is the center of most Thanksgiving meals, but it’s important to handle raw poultry properly to avoid spreading bacteria that can send your guests home with an unwanted side of food poisoning.  (AP Photo/Larry Crowe, File)
Asda has launched a frozen Christmas dinner deal that includes a frozen turkey, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes and more. Photo: Larry Crowe/AP

Asda has launched an all-frozen Christmas dinner deal that includes pigs in blankets and roast turkey for £4.40 per person.

With shoppers tightening their belts amid the cost of living crisis, the supermarket said customers will be able to feed a family of five with all the trimmings for just £21.48.

The frozen Christmas dinner consists of these products:

  • Asda Basted Small British Turkey, Frozen (approx. 2.6kg) — £13.50

  • Asda Frozen for Freshness Sliced Carrots (1kg) — £1.10

  • Asda Frozen for Freshness Garden Peas (1kg) — £1.25

  • Asda Party Pigs in Blankets, Frozen (12 pack) — £2.50

  • Asda Crispy Roast Potatoes, Frozen (800g) — £0.88

  • Asda Frozen for Freshness Brussels Sprouts (1kg) — £1.25

  • Asda Frozen Yorkshire Puddings (12 pack) — £1.00

The supermarket said that their deal is the cheapest on the market at the moment, at over 40p cheaper per head that the nearest competitor.

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Tesco (TSCO.L) was first to introduce a bargain Christmas dinner meal deal, which offers dinner for five for under £25 including a 1.5kg turkey crown, roast potatoes and trimmings.

At Tesco, shoppers can get:

  • Tesco British Frozen Small Turkey Crown (1.5kg) — £14.00

  • Tesco Roast Potatoes (800g) — £0.71

  • Tesco 20 Pigs In Blankets (400g) — £3.60

  • Hearty Food Co. 15 Yorkshire Puddings (230g) — out of stock at time of writing

  • Tesco Seasoned British Parsnips (600g) — £1.60

  • Tesco Garden Peas (1kg) — £1.25

  • Tesco Frozen Button Brussels Sprouts (1kg) — £1.30

  • Tesco Sliced Carrots, Peeled & Cut (1kg) — £1.09

Both Asda and Tesco offer a frozen turkey, pigs in blankets and Yorkshire pudding, along with peas, carrots, sprouts and roast potatoes.

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However, taking a closer look, Asda's turkey comes in at approximately 2.6kg, while Tesco’s is smaller at 1.5kg. But while Asda’s offer includes a pack of 12 of pig in blankets, at Tesco the deal includes 20 pieces.

Asda Rewards App users will also earn £1.50 in their Rewards App cash pot, when they spend just £20 on selected frozen Christmas dinner essentials including brussels sprouts, British turkey and pigs in blankets.

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