Ashton Kutcher Critiques Donald Trump’s Twitter Style

Ashton Kutcher is known for being the first person to get one million followers on Twitter, so on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Colbert quizzed Kutcher about what he thinks of the most powerful Twitter user in the world: Donald Trump. “What do you think of the way he tweets? Have you got any critique of his use of the technology?” he asked.

Practicing Diplomacy

Kutcher went the diplomatic route and reminisced about the good old days of Twitter, when it was more like a community board and no one was really paying attention. He said, “When Twitter first started — when I first got on Twitter — you could actually kind of say whatever you thought, and get high-quality feedback loops really, really quickly, and refine what you thought and then repost it.”

Welcome to the Future

But flash forward to today, and Twitter has become a monster company, with perhaps a little less refinement. Kutcher said, “It’s like a giant broadcasting system, and so I think that his tweets would have done a lot better five years ago when you could share an idea that wasn’t fully baked.”

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