Asia’s most expensive drink goes for $26,000

Asia’s most expensive drink can be had for a whopping S$32,000 (around $26,000) at a club for the super rich in Singapore, reported Malaysia’s Bernama news agency Tuesday.

The cocktail, dubbed ‘The Jewel of Pangaea’, was recently launched at the Pangaea in Singapore, a club that targets the super rich and famous. Open only three nights a week, the club reportedly charges between S$2000 to S$15,000 (around $1600-$12,250) for a table.

The cocktail, created by award-winning master bartender Ethan Leslie Leong, is a concoction of gold-flecked Hennessey brandy, 1985 vintage Krug champagne and sugar, garnished with a Triple X 1-carat diamond by Switzerland-based jeweler Mouawad.

“The Jewel of Pangaea was custom-designed to actually taste great. Most of the expensive cocktails around the world simply throw a precious diamond into a martini, but in this case I wanted to use the most premium products available, and ones that would perfectly complement the stunning Mouawad 1-carat diamond,” Leong told Singapore’s Today daily Monday.

Some of the most expensive drinks around the world have also been served up with diamonds. In 2007, London’s ultra select club Movida launched a £35,000 ($56,700) Christmas cocktail called ‘Flawless’, which contained Louis XII cognac, Cristal Rose champagne, brown sugar, angostura bitters, a few flakes of 24-carat edible gold leaf and an 11-carat white diamond ring at the bottom. In 2010, the Ritz Carlton Tokyo came up with a ‘Diamonds are Forever’ martini drink that cost US$18,000, a blend of chilled Grey Goose vodka with a lime twist, poured over a one-carat diamond.


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