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Asian American creator shares top three ‘holy grail’ mascaras for stubborn Asian lashes

Having stick-straight lashes that fail to hold a curl is a reality that many Asian women know all too well. Thankfully, an Asian American creator who’s familiar with the struggle of having sparse or “stubborn Asian lashes” is sharing what she considers to be her three “holy grail” mascaras to combat this issue.

In fact, a comparative study that assessed Asian versus Caucasian female eyelashes found that “Asian eyelashes revealed lower lift-up and curl-up angles, fewer numbers and a thicker transverse diameter.”

Ally (@ally222_), a beauty creator on TikTok, recently revealed the three mascaras she uses to lengthen and thicken her lashes. She explains that, as an Asian woman, it’s generally difficult to find a mascara that doesn’t “droop” her lashes.

“This is coming from someone who has tried dozens of mascaras, and I can’t even wear regular mascara because it’s gonna droop my lashes, and my lashes cannot hold a curl,” she says in a video posted on Oct. 21.

Ally begins with the mascara she recommends the most, Chocolate Wonder-Shop Mascara from the Chinese brand Flower Knows. Given its lasting power, Ally says this is the mascara she uses while doing physical activity, like playing tennis.

“It’s extremely lengthening, and it holds your curl,” she says. “[It’s] very good for natural-looking makeup, but you can layer it to look thick. You can also put this on your bottom lashes.”

The Super Slim Waterproof Mascara by the Korean brand 3CE, or 3 CONCEPT EYES, is Ally’s second-favorite mascara.

This mascara, Ally says, distinguishes itself from the others because of its ultraslim wand, which allows for even more precision.

“The wand is so precise that you can get [product] on every individual lash. … It’s so helpful because it’s all coated, you can make it superlong and lengthen it, and obviously it looks so natural,” she adds.

For the mascara-struggling folks who are in the market for a volumizing mascara that still has the ability to lengthen lashes and hold a curl, Ally suggests Korean beauty brand Clio CosmeticsKill Lash Superproof Mascara.

“If I want a more thick or volumizing one, I’m gonna layer this as well,” she says. “It just adds so much more volume. … I wouldn’t use this on the bottom lashes, though, because I think this one might transfer just a little bit.”

According to Judy Lim (@judy.lim), a Toronto-based makeup artist with nearly 423,000 followers on TikTok, there are actually quite a few ways Asian women can achieve longer and fuller lashes.

“A really great lash curler, good technique and mascaras designed to hold curl will work wonders,” Lim, who works with many Asian clients, told In The Know by Yahoo via email. “If you have particularly stubborn lashes, you can try a heated lash curler or heating a metal one with a blow-dryer or lighter. Korean makeup artists often use cuticle sticks and heat those with lighters as well to help curl lashes.

“If none of these still work there’s always the option of getting a lash lift!” she added.

A lash lift, per ophthalmology specialist Dr. Nicole Bajic of the Cleveland Clinic, is a “cosmetic procedure that’s meant to curl your existing eyelashes, giving the appearance of longer, fuller lashes.”

Curling your lashes daily, curling your lashes to offset uneven eyes and changing the curler’s rubber wand every three months are also significant things to keep in mind, Taylor Chang-Babaian, celebrity makeup artist and author of Asian Faces: The Essential Beauty and Makeup Guide for Asian Women, told Total Beauty.

Chang-Babaian also provided a step-by-step guide for curling your lashes to avoid “the L-Shape”:

  • Step 1: Make sure your lashes are clean, which means no eye cream or residue from yesterday’s mascara.

  • Step 2: With your chin up, look down into the mirror so that you can see your lashes.

  • Step 3: Start at the base of the lash — you want the curler to be against your cheek. Chang-Babaian warns to not lift the tongs of the curler, because that’ll pull out your lashes.

  • Step 4: Hold it for 10 seconds. Remember to be gentle — don’t squeeze.

  • Step 5: Walk up the curler to the midpoint of your lashes, holding it for a shorter period of time (about five seconds).

  • Step 6: Do another short squeeze at the tips.

Other creators have taken to the comment section of Ally’s video to share their own holy-grail mascaras.

“I recommend heroine make mascara, it’s water/transfer proof and keeps my asian lashes up all day,” @d0javu wrote.

“Clio mascaras THE BEST, i use extreme volume and everyone asking me if im wearing false lashes,” @kh.livnxx added.

“I’ve used the glossier mascara for yrs,” @imisyeu replied. “It doesn’t transfer, and can be removed w just warm water. it’s my holy grail but tempted to try these!”

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