Asiasoft opens in Indonesia

Jirapan Boonnoon in Bangkok/The Nation (Thailand)
Asia News Network13 March 2011

Bangkok (The Nation-Thailand/ANN) - Thai game developer Asiasoft is to expand its business into Indonesia, with the expectation of achieving revenue growth of 25 per cent in 2011.

Chief executive Pramoth Sudjitporn said his company was cooperating with a local partner to set up a branch office in Indonesia and expected to officially announce the opening of the new office in the second quarter of this year.

"I think that Indonesia has a lot of potential for the game industry. The country has 250 million Internet users. It is No 2 in the world for access to Facebook, and has about 35 million Facebook users. There are 10.5 million to 13.5 million gamers in the country," Pramoth said.

Asiasoft has formed a partnership with a local online-game publisher and has invested about US$1 million (30.36 million baht) in the new venture, about 80 per cent of which is owned by Asiasoft and 20 per cent by the local partner. Asiasoft already has three branch offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Pramoth said there were now 5 to 6 million online-game users in Thailand. The total game market in the country is worth about Bt3 billion. Of this, the casual game market is estimated to be worth Bt1 billion, and Asiasoft claims at least a 60-per-cent share of the casual market.

Meanwhile, Asiasoft is introducing a new strategy in the gaming business, by providing a service called "first-person shooter" (FPS). It is a regional service game platform capable of supporting about 425,000 concurrent users from existing customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand. The new service will allow gamers to enter a game online via a single ID at and receive local marketing support.

Pramoth said Asiasoft planned to launch 16 games this year - 12 of them for the local market and four for overseas markets.

It also plans to announce a new-generation "hybrid sci-fi" game with console quality and rapid action, to meet the demands of game lovers.

In 2010, Asiasoft achieved revenue of about 1.5 billion baht and expects 25-per-cent revenue growth this year.