Assam Congress Breaks Ties With Badruddin Ajmal-Led AIUDF Over Latter's Praise For The BJP: Report

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The Assam Congress has severed its ties with the Badruddin Ajmal-led All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) over the latter’s ‘continuous and mysterious’ praise for the BJP.

The Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has declared that they have unanimously decided that that it cannot remain an alliance partner of the Mahajot, which was its grand coalition in the assembly elections in the state earlier this year.

APCC added that the AIUDF’s behavior and attitude with respect to the BJP has baffled the members of the Congress party, Indian Express reports.

“The AIUDF leadership’s and senior members’ continuous and mysterious praise of the BJP party and the Chief Minister has affected the public perception of the Congress party,” the official communication from the APCC read, as reported by the Indian Express.

On the other hand, Aminul Islam from the AIUDF has termed the Congress’ decision as ‘very immature’. The leader mentioned that ultimately the BJP will be benefitting from this move and added that only an alliance of small parties can ‘edge out’ the BJP from the state.

A Congress politician from Upper Assam told the aforementioned publication that he felt resentment over the party’s alliance with the AIUDF when he campaigned in Hindu-dominated areas.

“Many said voting for me was as good as voting for Ajmal. Naturally, many of our party workers did not like it,” the leader expressed on the condition of anonymity.

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