Assam Teen in Shorts Forced to Wrap Curtain Around Herself Before Taking Exam

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In Assam's Tezpur town, a 19-year-old girl was instructed to wrap a curtain around her legs before taking an entrance test, because she wore a pair of shorts to the exam centre.

After completing a 70-kilometre journey from her hometown Biswanath Chariali to Tezpur, Jublee Tamuli had arrived to take an entrance exam for Jorhat’s Assam Agricultural University (AAU).

Speaking to the media, she stated, "After coming here, they initially allowed me. I went upstairs, everyone was allowed. I got all documents that were required, like my Aadhaar card and photocopies."

The trouble started when an invigilator at the Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (GIPS) barred Tamuli from entering the exam hall.

"When I asked them if there was a problem, they said, 'Short dresses are not allowed.' When I asked why, because it is not mentioned in the admit card they told me, 'You have to know that.' How would I know?" Tamuli told The Quint.

She went on to say:

""And why shouldn’t they allow someone for wearing a short dress? That’s no valid reason. It’s not a crime to wear a short dress."" -

According to the 19-year-old, the invigilator told her that it was 'common sense' to not wear shorts to the exam.

As her father rushed outside to arrange a pair of trousers, she was made to wrap a curtain around her legs to be able to take the exam.

Saying that it was 'completely unfair' to check for trousers instead of masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Tamuli added that it was the "most humiliating experience" of her life.

(With inputs from The Indian Express.)

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