Aston Martin DB6 is 'aesthetic purity' electrified by Lunaz

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We've told you in the past about Lunaz, the painstakingly exacting company that reengineers British classic motorcars with electric powertrains. For its latest offering, Lunaz is electrifying the Aston Martin DB6.

Rather than fully repeat ourselves, this post from 2019 goes into a bit of detail about just how precise Lunaz can be in its work, which began with a 1953 Jaguar XK120 and a 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V and has since expanded to other models from those marques as well as Bentleys and Range Rovers. The process takes the donor vehicle down to bare metal, installs an electric powertrain, brings driving components and creature comforts up to modern standards of excellence, and after vast quantities of money and manpower, you're left with a concourse-worthy work of art. It even won't leak oil.

Lunaz's work so embodies the finer things, it picked up soccer superstar David Beckham along the way as an investor. Lunaz is based in Silverstone, England, of course, and has grown to become the largest operation there. It also received a recent injection of capital from institutional investors including the Barclay, Reuben and Dallal families, namedropping them in a way that indicates no Brit would have to look them up. (Translating for Yanks: The Barclays are billionaires, the Reubens are right rich, the Dallals do well also.)

So fortified, Lunaz now has turned its craftsmanship to the vaunted DB6. You can also have a DB4 or DB5 done up as well. This of course is in competition with Aston's own electrification efforts.

To quote Lunaz co-founder David Lorenz: “The introduction of electric Aston Martin DB6 cars has been driven by sustained demand from our existing clients. It also reflects the desires of an entirely new classic car buyer. These women and men have been drawn to Lunaz because for the first time they are presented with the powertrain and modern conveniences of today, clothed in a design that speaks of an era when aesthetic purity was the only requirement.”

Battery packs are between 80 and 120 kWh. The cars can do fast-charging. Left-hand or right-hand drive is no problem. Driving range is stated as 255 miles, assuming you'd actually drive it. If you do, you'll have instant torque and silent operation, a grand tourer "for long continental journeys with mixed road conditions."

Each DB6 will be weighed at the corners, 3D-scanned, worked up in CAD and then the most microscopic imperfections will be corrected by hand. Every detail will be "remastered in the client's image." If you're that kind of buyer, please note that "Exact prices will be communicated privately on application but exceed $1 million + local taxes." That's just for a DB6. If you have a DB5 or DB4, you'll have to inquire.

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