Atmanirbhar Corner to be set up by TRIFED in 75 missions, embassies around the world

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Suchitra Durai, India's Ambassador to Thailand and R. Swaminathan, Retd. Ambassador, Former Indian Envoy.
Suchitra Durai, India's Ambassador to Thailand and R. Swaminathan, Retd. Ambassador, Former Indian Envoy.

New Delhi [India], September 7 (ANI): Atmanirbhar Bharat corners are being set up in 75 Indian missions/ embassies across the world in the next 90 days by the Tribal Co-operative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs, according to an official release by Ministry of Tribal Affairs.

First Atmanirbhar Bharat corner was inaugurated by Suchitra Durai, India's Ambassador to Thailand and R. Swaminathan, Retd. Ambassador, former Indian envoy at the Indian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand on the occasion of Independence Day on August 15.

The corner will be an exclusive space to promote GI tagged tribal art and craft products besides natural and organic products. Catalogues and brochures that showcase the richness and variety of tribal products have also been shared with the Missions and embassies, said the Ministry of Tribal Affairs in a statement.

TRIFED is in the process of dispatching tribal products for the corner in Indian Embassies in 75 countries. The 75 countries include Jamaica, Ireland, Turkey, Kenya, Mongolia, Israel, Finland, France, Canada, Singapore, Russia, the US, Indonesia, Greece, Cyprus, etc.

TRIFED has been actively collaborating with several ministries such as the Ministry of Culture, Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce; India Posts; Ministry of Tourism and Office of the Prime Minister to take up the cause of promotion of GI Tag products along with tribal products and transform them into a brand, symbolizing empowerment of tribal artisans.

As India moves ahead with its strategy for India@75 and focuses on converting development into a mass movement, TRIFED is working with its roots in ground realities and emphasizing the welfare both in design and implementation.

With the focus on "Vocal for Local" and building an "Atmanirbhar Bharat", TRIFED is undertaking several activities, while re-dedicating its efforts towards tribal empowerment.

Earlier in February, keeping in line with the Prime Minister's vision for Vocal for Local and a self-reliant India, and introduce the rich tribal heritage to international audiences, a Tribes India Conclave had been organized in association with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India at the Tribes India Aadi Mahotsav.

The event, which was well-received, was attended by over 120 diplomats from more than 30 foreign missions in India besides senior officials from the Ministry of External Affairs also visited the Aadi Mahotsav.

Dignitaries included diplomats from countries such as Taipei, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Bolivia, Zambia, Finland, Poland, Brazil, Egypt, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Kenya, Malta, Philippines, Laos, Tunisia, Croatia, Togo, Afghanistan, USA, Ghana, Turkey, Uzbekistan, UK, Iran, France to name a few.

There were delegates from international organizations such as UNHCR and UNDP as well.

With this promotional boost, it is hoped that these unique products will get a larger market and the larger vision of "Vocal for Local, Buy Tribal" can be achieved which will be truly transformational in the areas of Sustainable Income generation and Employment of tribal people in the country, said the Ministry of Tribal Affairs in a press release. (ANI)

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