'Atomic Blonde' Instant Commentary: Director David Leitch Narrates Movie's Craziest Car Stunt

David Leitch has developed a reputation for his masterful orchestration of practical stunts and fight scenes — first as a stuntman, then as a stunt coordinator, and now as the shot caller behind the new Charlize Theron spy thriller, Atomic Blonde.

If you’ve ever wondered how filmmakers like Leitch choreograph high-speed car chases, the director lets us in on a few secrets in our new installment of Instant Commentary (watch it above).

Leitch narrates one of the film’s most pulsating sequences, which finds MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton (Theron) speeding through the streets of Berlin while baddies hunt her and the man she’s protecting (Spyglass, played by Eddie Marsan).

“This is a practical shot,” Leitch explains. “We’re actually on a process rig where we have a camera through the roof of the car. So if you actually look at this right now, there’s probably four or five people on the car outside of our actors.”

In other words, it’s as dangerous for the crew as it is for these spies.

Atomic Blonde opens July 28. Watch the exclusive clip minus the commentary below:

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