Attack The Track In A New Hendrick Motorsports NASCAR Cup Car

Jeffrey N. Ross
Hendrick Motorsports Track Attack

Buy a NASCAR-spec racecar without a NASCAR-level team!

There's no denying the fact that Hendrick Motorsports is one of the most successful NASCAR teams of all time, and now this team is opening up its extensive racecar-building experience to privateers, weekend racers or just really wealthy car enthusiasts with its new Track Attack racecars. With more road course wins than any other team in NASCAR history, the Track Attack cars are track-ready road course racecars that are available – brand new – to the public.

There's no word on how much Hendrick Motorsports will charge for its Track Attack cars, but expect the price to be several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Modern NASCAR Monster Energy Cup cars are extremely expensive with the powertrain alone carrying a six-figure price tag.

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