Audi Aicon’s “No Steering Wheel and Pedals” Will be Great for Traffic

Cherryl Anne Cruz

It won’t solve the traffic problem in the Philippines, but with such a functional and visionary car, would it even matter if traffic isn’t moving?

Front side of Aicon

Meet the Audi Aicon. This four-door, all-wheel drive vehicle has a curved glass roof and can drive on its own during traffic at speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour (kph). It has an all-electric drive system that delivers 429 hp, or in a special configuration, can even go as high as 496 hp in 100 kph. The battery is around 95kWh, with both inductive and fast charging capabilities.

Quarter view of Aicon

Its range is estimated at around 805 kilometers per charge, with the car visiting a station all by itself.

Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this concept car is Audi’s vision of what the world will look like without steering wheels and pedals.

How? By using its Traffic Jam Pilot. This feature uses artificial intelligence to handle your steering, braking, speed maintenance, and many others. Not only will it adapt to any scenario, but is also capable of planning 10 seconds ahead of a normal person’s thinking processes.

Of course, being a responsible driver means you’re always ready to take over in case this vehicle fails to spot a pedestrian running across the street (which we doubt it would).

But think of the possibilities here. You can sit back and read the newspaper while you’re stuck in traffic. Or you can play Mobile Legends with the driver next to you. What’s more, you can slide the seats back and forth like a swivel, giving you a lot of space to stretch your legs and do short naps during traffic.

Aican's spacious cabin and swiveling seats

If you’re feeling lazy, just let your eye move about so the vehicle knows what setting you’re viewing. Or just let your voice do the talking.

What if you’re late and you need to be at an important meeting asap? Just do a voice command so the curved glass roof can block more sunlight. That way, it won’t be too bright when you do a conference meeting using Aicon’s front windshield.

Windshield / Monitor

Is this such an over-the-top idea? We think so. But it’s not an impossible concept to consider in the future. Still, we think this car can make you a bit too passive on the wheel. But then again, no one likes to drive when you’re always stuck in traffic.

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