Audi named pioneer in the development of piloted driving by tech publication

German carmaker Audi joins Apple and Samsung on the MIT Technology Review's list of the 50 companies whose technology and innovation is the most likely to leave a lasting impact on the way people live.

When most consumers think about technology and innovation, they think about an iPad or Google Glasses but while companies like Apple are trying to build a technologically advanced post-PC world, a number of carmakers are making equally huge technological breakthroughs in their attempts to create a post-driver world.

Chief among them is Audi, which has made the MIT Review's list of 50 Disruptive Companies in recognition of its piloted driving technologies, which the German carmaker first showcased in January at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The demonstration included a car that can drive itself in heavy traffic or on highways and can even yield to other vehicles joining at intersections, and another vehicle that could park itself via a smartphone-operated remote control, meaning that the driver and passengers can always easily and safely get into or out of the car, no matter how narrow or restricting the parking space is.

Regarded as one of the world's leading high-tech publications, the MIT Technology Review was launched at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1899. Its list of "50 Disruptive Companies" features those businesses that have the greatest potential to have a lasting impact on life around the world. As such Audi joins Apple, Samsung and GE on this year's list.