Audi testing 5G in an urban setting

Audi is testing the vast array of possibilities made possible by 5G deployment in an urban setting

The car manufacturer Audi has partnered with Deutsche Telekom to conduct tests on a 5G network in a real setting in Ingolstadt, Germany.

With 5G opening up new perspectives, the aim of the partnership is to develop a safer, more sustainable and, of course, more connected mode of urban mobility.

Among the concrete applications that 5G enables is a direct connection between traffic lights and connected cars, which could eventually be extended to other road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, so that real-time data exchange makes traffic more fluid. Another example is the ability to monitor parking space availability to help with faster, simpler parking.

For Audi, as with most car manufacturers, the implementation of 5G in upcoming models is both a challenge and a well of opportunities, with the power to make traffic smoother and reduce the risk of collisions (by connecting vehicles).

Only time will tell who will be the first to implement a full network for a technology that is just now taking its first steps, with a 2020 target for public deployment.