Australian tourist arrested in Bali after fly-kicking random scooter rider in bizarre rampage

An Australian tourist has been arrested after fly kicking a motorcyclist in Bali.

The damning video was uploaded to a popular Instagram account, @denpasar_info, and shows the Aussie man running towards oncoming traffic on Sunset Road in Kuta.

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“A foreigner who went on a rampage in Jl. Sunset Road, successfully secured after trying to crash into a vehicle in the area,” the Instagram caption read.

As a motorbike approaches, the man jumps and kicks the motorist, who falls off his bike, hits the ground and skids down the road.

An Australian tourist was caught and tied up after fly-kicking a motorcyclist and jumping over a car in Bali. Source: Instagram.

The same man then runs towards an oncoming car, which he jumps over.

It appears the two videos were merged into one, and the Instagram account said it was not clear which event happened first.

The tourist has been identified by 7News as Nicholas Carr, a 26-year-old apprentice builder from South Australia.

Local police said Carr only sustained minor injuries, and is being treated in hospital, after he was caught and bound.

According to 7News, the man’s violent rampage allegedly included smashing a mini-mart window and a restaurant window, and assaulting a sleeping man in his bed.

Kuta police chief, Teuku Ricki Fadlianshah, said the incident was being investigated and are yet to question Carr.

“Our team are still at the crime scenes investigating. Many places were (allegedly) damaged by him. Our team are still working to check all the places,” Mr Teuku told 7News.

The motorcyclist Carr assaulted was reportedly on his was to work and also suffered minor injuries. Confused as to why someone would do this, the man hopes Carr will give compensation to fix his motorbike.

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